Friday, August 14, 2009

Random Bicycle Crap Fridays - Bicycles of Missoula Vol. I

Missoula has some great bicycles to be found around town. In the last few years a lot of vintage Bicycles have come out of hiding, adding a lot of variety to the streets of Missoula. Here are just a few.

This first one isn't vintage, but a custom fixed-gear build by Cody Gould. He sent me this photo after he saw a photo of my fixed-gear, joking that one of us was the evil twin since we had such similar setups - though I don't have wood grain wheels like Cody. The frame is a custom hand-built frame from a friend of his out of Helena.

I like the colorway of this next bike, but I think the bike is a little naked with that puny chain locking it up.

This bike was setup for a father - daughter ride. I don't know if people can make it out, but the second seat has a second crank that a little child can reach, although the little girl could only reach it with her toes.

I really had no idea what the lever was for, I just thought it was interesting

The handlebars caught my eye with this fixed-gear, also looks like custom paint.

Good example of the vintage style that is showing up in Missoula

Clean fixed-gear build, props for the color coordination


Bikejuju said...

Nice. I love scoping out random bikes I come across.

Anonymous said...

That lever is probably to the 3-gear shifter hub. Like on my Sting Ray.

Anonymous said...

Did you get "Colorway" from NYC Bike Snob?

-Joe B

CarFree Stupidity said...

The one, the only... figured the bicycle in question deserved the use of colorway, especially since the owner had obviously put so much thought into color coordination.

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