Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fun Day

Friday couldn't have come soon enough this week. But not because it was a bad week... how could it be a bad week when Missoula got ranked #4 city under 100,000 people for bicycle friendliness in America? Though however wrote the piece must have looked at wikipedia to get their info on Missoula.

No... this week was simply full of deadlines and copious amounts of sleep deprivation. I'll be taking a small break from blogging at this site over the next month while head into the hell that is the last month of classes. I'll also take the time to think about how to move forward with this blog. With my objective complete I would like to rework the focus and design of this blog but into to what I don't yet know.

Here is to another week on the bike and to the weekend ahead.

Now... for the fun part. Shit from the 80s is always good for a laugh.


John in NH said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Carfree, -- Back in the SUV now?

Scott said...

too bad it will never be like this

Anonymous said...


Testicular Homicide said...

Sad to see you haven't posted in a while. Any chance you will start up again? Let's keep the car-free revolution moving!

sewa mobil said...

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Kevin said...

At the rate this government is going we will all be walking when we run out of electricity to charge those stupid electric cars!


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