Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today I installed and tested a new toy for my bike. Like a pedometer, the Cateye Micro Wireless device (approx. $30) records trip information for cyclists. It can record and display trip length, current and average speed, trip time, and even has an odometer to keep track of total millage.

The Cateye works by placing a small magnet on one of your wheel's spokes and a corresponding unit that reads the passing magnets rpms and transmits the data to the display unit. Its just a cool little device that makes keeping track of your cycling millage a little easier.

On another bike-tech note, here is a good article from Wired's gadget blog about a neon setup for bicycles. A cool idea for those that want a little flash to go along with their bikes, and an alternative to ordinary bicycle lights for those that ride at night. The only question I have is... how long would one of these last before it was stolen or broken by somebody?

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