Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was debating even writing about this, but since I wanted this blog to chronicle the highs and lows of being carfree, and this is certainly a low that I am ashamed of.

Yesterday, right after getting to campus, I hit a pedestrian with my bicycle just in front of the Adams center. It was a fairly low speed impact and I didn't even knock the man down; he looked like the kind of person that plays a lot of sports and so was just going to take the pain and walk it off without complaining.

What happened is that I had just transitioned onto the side walk in front of the Adams Center on my way across campus. I saw the guy walking in the same direction as me as well as an on-coming cyclist. The guy was walking with his head down and so didn't notice the other cyclist until he looked up. At that point I was already going to might right to go around him, but when he saw the on-coming cyclist, he stepped into my path. I couldn't go anymore right, since there was a big-ass sign I would have hit, so I tried to veer to the left but there was no room and I would have hit the cyclist. So, in the end I hit the brakes hard and then hit the pedestrian. I made sure he was alright and he just kept walking and ensured me that he was fine, so I headed off to my destination.

Like I said before, I'm ashamed that this occurred. I guess if you bike long enough things like these will eventually happen, as I've been hit by a car. I don't feel like I was riding dangerously, but that doesn't change the fact that I fucked-up just a little.

If anyone out there knows a big guy that likes to work out at the gym on campus that had a run-in with a cyclist yesterday, let me know because I think I owe him a drink.


Curtis Thompson said...

This summer while driving in Denver, I almost hit a cyclist with my car. I still feel remorse for my mindlessness. You did everything you could have. things happen very fast and if you hadn't been paying attention it probably would have been worse. BTW- you had lunch with my son Anthony last week, I appreciate the insight you provided.

Curtis Thompson

CarFree Stupidity said...

Thank you for the kind words.

It was a pleasure to meet with your son. I like to think that cooperation is the best way to get through this world. I have been helped by many people along the course of my life, and I hope that I can help a few people along the course of their lives as well.

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