Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet Paradox

I hadn't realized how much the internet has become an essential part of my life, that is until I lost service three days ago. Everything was disconnected for the move, and the new service we're getting wont be hooked up for two weeks. Luckily the library on campus is open during spring break and I can still do the things I need to. But, the little things that I would get done on the web throughout the day have piled up into a huge list. Its stupid to be stressed out about internet, but that is the truth.

The move is just about complete, just a few more details to work out. I foresee living out of boxes for some time to come. I don't think that I have driven as much in such a short time in well over a year as I have these past few days. Thankfully its over, I don't think the Landcruiser could handle much more. Within the next week I'll be car-free and when I get the chance I'll post the rules that I'm setting for myself.

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