Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Morning Rethink

Something that I realized this weekend that for some reason never crossed my mind about going car-free is access to our great public lands of Montana. Hiking and fishing are two things that I love to do, there are plenty of hiking opportunities within easy biking distance of Missoula, but the fishing is always better the farther you get from lots of people. Rock Creek is 21 miles from Missoula, and the area I grew up fishing at in the Bitterroot is south of Hamilton. Lolo Peak, a great place to hike into during the summer months is another place that seems a little daunting in getting to without a vehicle.

My original plan was to not even ride in a vehicle other than mass transit. I might have to amend my plans and include the ability to ride in a van/carpool or hitchhike to get to some of these places that would be hard to stay away from for a whole year. I honestly don't think I will be riding my bike and carrying my fishing pole all the way to Rock Creek. Montana's public lands and the almost unlimited access that people have is part of what makes this state so great and I would hate to miss out on whats out there.


Buddhist_philosopher said...

Good point, Lewis. If we're good we can get around 90% (or more) of Missoula without a car - but many of Missoula's greatest attractions are just a bit further out of reach for the carless.

My advice: try to make plans with groups to Lolo/Rock Creek, etc and car-pool, even if you're all off doing different things once there. That way, in a sense, it will be mass transit (or as close as you'll get when you're going to those places).

Your carless way is very inspiring; keep it up!

Stuart Matthews said...

21 miles is very do-able via bike, once you get into the right physical shape.

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