Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bike Walk Bus Week

Of course a spring blizzard would come through Missoula the week of Bike-Walk-Bus Week (Walk-n-Roll on the campus). So far it seems to be successful, lots of events all over the place and lots of volunteers helping out on campus. It would be better if the weather would cooperate, kind of hard to promote biking when its snowing.

For those who don't know, Bike-Walk-Bus Week is a week full of events all promoting alternative transportation. I know that was hard to figure out by the name of the event. In a place like Missoula its a pretty easy message to get across – even more so for the campus population. These types of campaigns might seem mundane, but are an important component of getting local organizations, communities, and people working toward transportation reform and building an awareness of what can be done at all levels.

One thing I want to check out – and this is probably real transit geekish – is the new bike parking in front of Taco Del Sol in downtown. Spots for 12 bikes will now take up what was once a parking spot for a car, on the street. This might not seem that significant, but in a society so oriented towards accommodating cars, replacing car parking with bike parking is huge.


Grant said...

When you do check out the bike parking at Taco del Sol, be sure to get some pictures and post them. I used to live in Missoula and frequented the one on Higgins downtown. I am impressed with the on-street bike parking that is cropping up around the country. I'd love to see what they're doing in Zoo town.
I lived in Missoula for almost a year without owning a car (although I borrowed a friend's car occasionally.) Keep up the good work.

Frank Wetzel said...

yes please get a picture of the on road bike parking, I am curious how they have it set up. Thanks.

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