Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Quote and Weekly Statistics

Weekly Stats

Miles biked: 98.83
Gallons saved: 6.17
CO@ not Emitted: 38.79

Sunday's Quote

A beautiful and delightful city environment is an oddity, some would say an impossibility. Not one American city larger than a village is of consistently fine quality, although a few towns have some pleasent fragments. It is hardly suprising, then, that mosy Americans have little idea of what it can mean to live in such an environment. They are clear enough about the ugliness of the world they live in, and they are quite vocal about the dirt, the smoke, the heat, and the congestion, the chaos and yet the monotoney of it. But they are hardly aware of the potential value of harmonious surroudings...

Keven Lynch, The Image of the City

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