Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Missoula the Bike Shops Keep Multiplying

Yesterday I made a trip over to campus for a job interview and had to make a quick stop at the Ace Hardware just across from campus and over the foot bridge. On the way there I was surprised to see a new bike shop called Big Sky Bikes (I don't know if they have any affiliation with Big Sky Bicycles & Fitness) I had meant to stop in after the interview was over but spaced it out.

I don't know how knew the shop is, but its nice to see a building that was vacant for some time be useful again; its where World of Wings was located. Missoula has always been bike friendly and this has meant a vibrant community of cyclists and the infrastructure to support it. Our town of about 60,000 souls already supported. Off the top of my head I can think of 4 bike shops with each one catering to a slightly different clientele, and I'm sure that I missed one. Now within a few months two more have opened up. Just one more sign bicycles are becoming a more mainstream option for everyday life.


Daniel said...

You're making me jealous :)

I rode by that building every day, and it would have been pretty convenient for me. Charlottesville has only one (overpriced according to most people) bike shop, which seems crazy for a college town. There are a couple in the surrounding county, but trying to get to them by bike is a risky proposition.

CarFree Stupidity said...

Sorry, can't help it. You are the one that moved away, you could always come back and enroll in the planning grad program here. Kidding.

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