Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Months Down

It has been two months since I went car-free and so far I have found the transition to be easy. Other than a few arguments with my fiance all has been smooth. In two months of commuting and running all my errands by bicycle I have racked up almost 450 miles, which averages out to about 7.5 miles per day. This really isn't that much, as I had expected to register more miles.

I really haven't changed my behavior all that much. Other than foregoing a few trips and not staying downtown as late at night not much has really changed. One thing I have had to think about and plan out is my trip chaining; rather than a lot of little trips for small things throughout the week, I have tried to bundle all errands into one go. Its funny how easy it is to put 20-30 miles in on one day just from going from place to place in town.

In the two months of being car-free I really haven't saved that much money on gas: only a little over $60. But with oil almost back up to $70 per barrel its still one headache I don't have to worry about. I don't foresee any hardships in the next few months with summer here and great cycling weather into the foreseeable future.

Week 8 Stats
Miles Biked: 43
Gallons Saved: 2.68
CO2 Not Emitted: 16.8775 Ibs

Month One Stats
Miles Biked: 269.2
Gallons Saved: 16.825
CO2 Not Emitted: 422.644 Ibs

Month Two Stats
Miles Biked: 170.49
Gallonos Saved: 10.655
CO2 Not Emitted: 267.669 Ibs

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