Friday, June 26, 2009

Republican John Mica on Alternative Transportation

This will be one of the rare times I quote a Republican congressman (unless its to disagree with them), but Representative Mica from Florida seems to have his head on straight when it comes to understanding transportation issues.

"Even if your a fiscal conservative, which I consider myself to be, you quickly see the benefits of transportation investment. Simply, I became a transit fan because its so much more cost effective than building a highway. Also, it's good for energy, it's good for the environment - and that's why I like it... seeing the cost of one person in a car. The cost for the environment. The cost of energy. You can pretty quickly be convinced that there's got to be a more cost effective way."

-Rep. John Mica, from a PBS interview

WOW, a conservative that actually advocates conservation of our resources, that's a novel concept. I feel like I'm living in the days of Teddy Roosevelt. My cynical side thinks he only expressed this view because he knew non of his fellow Republicans would be paying attention to PBS, but lets hope not.

Glad to have Rep. John Mica on our side, he's the type of Republican we need more of; to replace the fundamentalist types.

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