Monday, May 4, 2009

Missoula's First Bicycle Corral

So a few readers have asked that I post a picture of Missoula's new Bike Corral. The link will lead you to a StreetsFilm explaining what a Bike Corral is and its benefits.

I personally think this is a great idea. The block downtown where this has been put in is one of the hardest spots in Missoula to find a spot to chain up your bike (other than campus). The Break Espresso, Taco Del Sol, and Wordens are all within a block and are popular destinations for the kind of people that mostly bike.

This also solves the problem of riding on the sidewalk to get to the bike parking. With cars usually parked all along the street, I would usually ride up on to the sidewalk at intersections to find a spot. With the Corral, you can just hop off in the street.


Julie said...

I am so happy that the corral is installed...having just gotten a bike and hoping to ride uptown, this will be a much appreciated addition.

Frank Wetzel said...

Wow! that looks amazing! It looks better than I envisioned, thank you for posting the photo!

Daniel said...

Awesome. That particular spot was overflowing with bikes. Smart move.

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