Monday, February 22, 2010

I am Jack's Utter Lack of Surprise

Me: Describe incident to police officer
Officer: "There aren't cameras out there to get a license unless you went through a bank drive- through or Target parking lot. Next time call immediately."
Me: disappointment
Officer: "Do you ride a lot around here?"
Me: "Yes"
Officer: "Don't expect this to be the last indecent like this."



Rantwick said...

Hey man, try to remember that most people are normal and kind. Also, next time you are being chased by maniacs, please blow through the nearest drive through ATM. Shouldn't be a problem, right?

Dave Schlabowske said...

Glad you went to the police. That was important to do even if you got a disappointing response from the officer.

Have you talked to anyone from the Bike/Walk Alliance of Missoula?

Organized advocacy is the only way to get to the point where people (police included) understand these issues are important. The more organized people are around bike/ped issues, the better they get treated.

There will still be crazy people out there, but advocacy does help.

Glad you are OK, good luck and keep riding!

Dave S

D Cox said...

It's unacceptable for an officer to predict further incidents of violent crime without at least offering some sort of assistance to stop it. Go back and provide the police with your full route and request that they set up a watch, at best at the point where the incident started, so that these sociopaths will be caught if they do indeed try it again. It's your tax dollars that pay them, they represent the law for you too, and they should have an interest in protecting you and ANY ONE ELSE who bikes, too.

Anonymous said...

I'll be calling Missoula's chamber of commerce to tell them why I won't be showing up around there any time soon.

Doug Dale said...

A similar incident happened to my buddy and me a couple years back. Four guys in a large truck jumped us on a dark side street. We did nothing to provoke the attack and my buddy got his front teeth knocked out and I got punched a couple of times. We got the plate # and make of the truck and ended up finding the guys and having them charged with assault. The police were not too helpful in the case and I think the only way to bring more attention to this issue is to get more bikers on the road. Numbers talk.

Erik said...

As I posted before, you live in a "cowboy state" so behave like one and get a concealed-carry permit ASAP. You live in a state with very liberal gun laws-take advantage of them!

Anonymous said...

I really think the gun idea is crazy. Think about it - a single person on a bike with a handgun, vs 4 people in a truck with god-knows-what. I suspect if he'd pulled a gun on those nobs the other night he'd be dead.

Why not make it someone else's problem - what if you had gone into someone's front garden? Is there anywhere cars can't go? steps? lanes? etc... Don't be afraid to abandon your bike either - it can be replaced more easily than teeth - then you can jump some fences, etc.

Police's attitude is pretty crap tho - unbelievable...

CarFree Stupidity said...

Rantwick... thanks for the suggestion, all can promise is that i'll try.

Dave... I am part of BWAM, thanks for the suggestion.

D Cox... who the hell trusts the police?

Doug... thanks for sharing your experience... if only I'd had a plate number.

And the gun idea is crazy... just what we need... another crazy person armed with a weapon.

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