Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unusual Traffic

I've had some unusually high traffic counts on this site the last several days and looking at the stats Blogger provides the reason for it is.... that damn picture of the Amtrak train.

People must really love trains because I've had upwards of 200 hits just from google image searches. From now on... every post will be started with a picture of a train.


Dara said...

Hey! I just wanted to compliment you on your journal! An interesting read! I'm starting my own journal, encouraging people to walk, and I want to link you on it. Is that all right?

PS - I love trains!

Julie said...

Haha...I had a picture of Farah Fawcett in one of my posts in January 2009 and I still get a lot of traffic from people searching for pictures of her. And when she passed away, I had tons of traffic.

Drivers Ed Online Georgia said...

hmmm so we can use picture to drive the traffic to our blogs. any way thanks for posting such a interesting blog posts.

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