Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week 15 Carfree Statistics

Salt Lake was a fun time, and I have plenty to write about in a few coming posts. Of course the bus was the low point of the trip. Salt Lake City was not what I expected... in a good way.

The bus trip probably didn't save as much carbon as I had originally thought. The bus going both east and west between Missoula and Butte was completely full; we almost had to leave people behind in Butte. The journey down to SLC from Butte and back was nowhere near as full, maybe only 1/4 full. So I'm just going going to guess that I saved 50% , which would be about 600 Ibs of carbon. Thats some solid methodology.

Week 15 Statistics
Miles Biked: 77.46
Miles on Bus : 1046
Gallons Saved: 46.81
Carbon Not Emitted: 630.44 Ibs

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