Friday, February 19, 2010

Ecotopia... Random Bicycle Crap Fridays

I recently started reading the classic environmental polemic Ecotopia written by Ernest Callenbach. Its got a lot of amazing ideas and innovative design techniques for urban centers. I'll get into those in longer posts later, but for now I'll just give a teaser related to bicycles.

"Ecotopians setting out to go more than a block or two usually pick up one of the sturdy white-painted bicycles that lie about the streets by the hundreds and are available free to all. Dispersed by the movements of citizens during the day and evening..."


Mark Kirschner said...

Of all the books I had to read in University, this is the only one I have come back to re-read. I wasn't too keen on the book when I had to read it my first quarter, freshman year. But 12 years later, I picked it up again, and it meant more to me at that point. I read it again last spring (nearly 20 years after the first reading) and I find I like it, and the ideals that Callenbach espouses, even more. What will I think if I read it again in 5, 10, 15 years???

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

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